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Transform Your Crib Into A Mini Power Plant

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Home is where the heart is, but in 2023 it can also be a power plant. Solar panels plus batteries give people the option of selling their surplus electricity to the local utility and powering their pad during blackouts and outages. Why? Climate change. Wildfires, heat waves and powerful storms are happening more often, so 5ever-reliable energy sources just won't cut it. Plus, if you're into saving on energy bills and reducing year carbon footprint while feeling better about saving the planet, there's even more reasons to jump aboard this trend. Make the switch.

In a middle-class exurb outside Los Angeles, for instance, every one of 219 new single-family homes being built produces and banks solar electricity. Together they also form two microgrids that can operate independently of California’s stressed power grid. KB Home’s Durango and Oak Shade neighborhoods—in Menifee, California—also share a 2.3-megawatt-hour “community battery” that supplies additional juice to homes during outages.

Smart And Energy Efficient

Smart and efficient energy-use is a lot easier to achieve than you might think. Residents in Southern California Edison no longer have to worry about energy bills, as their homes are equipped with a revolutionary software program that engages in energy arbitrage without any manual intervention. When there's an excess of solar electricity, the program sells it to the utility or stores it away for later when power rates rise, saving them money in the long run. That's not all - the microgrid system installed also helps with surge protection and keeping blackout at bay. By operating as virtual power plants, it can tap into hundreds of batteries if demand spikes during hot summers. So investing in this technology would definitely pay off.

Electric cars, like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Kia EV6, come equipped with a bidirectional capability that allows them to feed energy back into your home. That means they can provide power to a home during an outage, potentially for days at a time. To demonstrate this impressive eventuality, EV6s will be leased to people living in different microgrid communities in Southern California and tested for their potential contribution to both households and the grid. This could be the year that cars become generators instead of just gas guzzlers - what a revolutionary concept.

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